One of the great benefits of a VoIP Hosted PBX system is that it’s based on software, and software can be continuously updated and improved.  Of course that depends on the software developer.  Red Road Telecom has developed all of the Hosted PBX custom features we offer, and we regularly release new capabilities in response to our customers’ needs.

The Red Road Telecom Appointment Reminder System is designed for activities businesses, accounting firms, medical practices – any company that has multiple appointments.  If you’re spending significant staff time confirming your appointments, you need this system.

The reminder system can send out reminders by SMS (text message), email, or phone call.  It receives and records replies – confirmation, cancellation, or any other reply you wish to define.  It can be set up to make multiple attempts – for example, if there is no reply to the SMS reminder after 24 hours, try a phone call or an email.

We will work with you to set up an automatic process to capture your appointment information and put it into the format our system needs.  Typically this will involve giving us access to your existing appointment calendar so that we can run a regular query.   If you don’t have that capability, we’ll help you set up a simple process to upload the appointment information to us.  Each appointment, for our purposes, consists of a company ID, a date and time, a provider ID, and the user information: name, preferred and alternate contact methods.

Whenever we receive a reply to a reminder, our system will email you the details.  Every day we will email you the current status of all appointments for that day, showing contact method, status, and reply.

All reminders will specify the responses that you define – usually 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel, but it can be whatever you want.  All reminders will also specify your phone number to call for rescheduling or other questions, and that can be a special number that rings to just one of your phones or any combination of phones.  If the reminder is sent via phone, you can specify an option to be connected with that number directly, during the reminder phone call itself.

Interested?  Questions?  Please contact us at (808) 464-6400 (call or text), or email

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