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We at Red Road Telecom want your experience to be a breeze. This page provides access to the web-based management services we currently offer.

If you would like to see any other aspect of our service available as a web application, please let us know, we'd love to say "yes!"

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For Red Road Telecom Customers Only

This section of our website provides access to the web-based management and information tools we provide.

You will need your Company ID, which appears on your invoice, and the password assigned to you, which is in the email you get with the invoice each month. For some of these applications you will also need the extension number (e.g. for a mailbox you're working on), and the voicemail password for that extension number.

Bandwidth Monitor

This monitor is provided to customers with multiple bonded circuits or with special bandwidth requirements. If you need to monitor your bandwidth utilization please contact us and we can arrange it.

Billing History

This section provides access to all your Red Road Telecom invoices. If applicable, you will also find your long distance detail records, Conference Center detail records, and Credit Card Gateway detail records.

Credit Card Gateway Administration

For our customers using the Credit Card Gateway, this section enables you to review any transaction, print a receipt, issue a credit or refund.


This section provides user guides and additional documentation for our phones and services.

Fax History

For customers using our Faxology™ service, this section enables you to locate any previously received fax by date & time or by sender, and re-transmit it or retrieve it as a PDF file.

Mailbox Recording

This section provides access to our Text-To-Speech technology to record messages in voice menus or mailboxes. You can also upload pre-recorded sound files to serve as mailbox messages.

My Phone

This management site enables you to control most aspects of your phone's programming, including message notification, call forwarding, displayed name, downloaded phonebook, and programmable keys. If you have Mobile Extension Service you can manage that from here also.

Online Payment

Pay your bill online through this secure, PCI-compliant interface.


Open a trouble ticket, or contact our support staff directly.

Voicemail Console

This enables you to pick up your voice messages and return the calls.

Voxitude Administration

For our customers who have the Voxitude™ Automatic Call Recording Service, this section gives you access to the recordings, with search, play and download capabilities.