The Bandwidth Monitor is just one of many services Red Road Telecom provides in order to make your experience with us as productive as possible.

Surprisingly, many other telecom vendors refuse to provide this level of detailed information. We strive to be transparent, even if it means you then expect us to fix things that go wrong!

If we have set up a bandwidth monitor for you, you can access it here. To log in, you will need your Company ID (on your invoice) and the password that goes with it.

The graphs on the bandwidth monitor show how much data per second you are downloading and uploading. Downloading means pulling in to your location, and uploading means sending out from your location.

Here is a typical bandwidth utilization graph:

Imagine this is a strip of paper coming out of a pen-recording device like a lie detector or EKG monitor. The paper is moving to the right - it's updated every 5 minutes automatically while you watch. The current time is at the left edge, and as you look to the right you are looking back in time. Time is shown in 24-hour format. The 0 with a red vertical line is midnight.

The blue line is download and the green area is upload. So, right now in the above graph you are downloading about 26KBps and uploading about 3Kpbs. This is very low utilization, normal for a little web action and a couple of phone calls.

You can see that activity today started about about 7:00 AM, when it had been quiet since about 4:00 PM yesterday.

If you click on the graph (not the one above, the one on your bandwidth monitor page), you will see the history with weekly, monthly, and yearly graph displays.