Billing History

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The Billing History is just one of the many features and facilities we offer our customers to make your experience with us the best it can be.

Please don't hesitate to request any assistance with this or any aspect of our service.


Through this interface you can review all past and current invoices, long distance detail, and - if applicable - your Conference Center and Credit Card Gateway detail reports as well.

You'll need your Company ID, which is on your invoice, and the associated password.

The files you will see are named for the date of the invoice, for example: 200909-redroad.pdf would be the bill for company ID "redroad", for September 2009.

The long distance recap has "-LD" in the name, the conference bridge recap has "-conference" in the name, and the credit card gateway detail has "CC" in the name.

Click here to access the billing history site.