These documentation files provide basic configuration and usage information for our main systems. We also provide usage orientation and assistance for all of our services, free of charge, on request.


Quick Reference

Image of our Quick Reference Card provided for all new phones

Auto-Attendant Users Guide

This guide is for our customers who have only remote or cell-phone based phone service with us, and no in-office phones.

Analog Users Guide

For users of standard analog phones and cordless phones, either with our Line Replacement service or Hosted PBX service.

GXP 4-line and 6-line Desk Phone Users Guide

For customers with our Hosted PBX service, using the GXP-2000 series phones.

Yealink Cordless Phone Quick Reference Sheet

Basic Operations for the Yealink cordless phones.

Yealink Cordless Phone Users Guide

Users guide for the digital Yealink cordless phone

Mailbox Recording Quick Reference

For recording normal greetings, menu boxes, driving directions and other recorded announcements, this guide shows you several easy ways to make and verify your recordings, including uploading a pre-recorded sound file and using our Text-To-Speech system, as well as recording with a phone using your own voice.

Messaging and Call Routing Users Guide

Using the voice mail system, including the phone-based manager and the web-based manager, Mobile Extension, and all aspects of the voice messaging system, Day/Night/Break modes, and call routing administration.