Fax History

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Fax History is one of dozens of features that set Red Road Telecom apart.

Our system automatically sends you a PDF file by email if your fax machine doesn't answer or experiences an error in receiving a fax.

Whether delivered to your fax machine or not, your incoming faxes are always available via the Fax History interface.

Using this interface, you can retrieve any fax that has been sent to your Red Road Faxology™ account. Click here to access the system. You will need the login and password provided by Red Road Telecom.

You can redeliver any fax, or bring it up as a PDF file in your web browser.

Once you have logged in, you have a form to fill in with these items:

Received between [ ________ ] and [ ________]

For each blank you can fill in a date, or a phrase like "Last Tuesday" or "Yesterday". So, for example, if you want to find all faxes sent to you between March 15th and March 20th, you could put in "March 15", and "March 20". Or you could put in "3/15" and "3/20". For a prior year, put in the year as well.

If you leave the first item blank, it means "from day 1", and if you leave the second blank it means "right now". So to see all faxes received since last Friday, put in "last Friday" and leave the second item blank.

Sent From:

Put in any part of the sender's TSID (as transmitted by their fax machine), or fax number. The less you put in, the more matches you will get.

Fax Tag:

This is the Red Road Telecom tag for an incoming fax. If our system cannot deliver a fax to your fax machine for any reason, it will send you an email with a PDF copy of the fax, and the fax tag will be identified in that email.