Mailbox Recording

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Our system lets you get really creative with the messages you record for menus, recorded announcements, and message-box greetings.

You can produce your own sound file and upload it into the mailbox. Our system automatically converts it and makes it accessible, no hassle!

Our Text-To-Speech system makes it really easy to record messages in a neutral, uniform voice.

These features are both Red Road Telecom exclusives!

Our system uses mailbox recordings for greetings, menus, and recorded announcements. You can record these messages using your phone by following the instructions in the users guide or the mailbox recording quick reference.

We also offer the capability of uploading a sound file to be used as the mailbox message. And you can use our text-to-speech system to generate a computer voice recording with the message of your choice. These two features are available through the mailbox recording interface - click here to access it.

You will need your company ID (on your invoice), the mailbox number you want to record, and the voicemail password for that mailbox.

Once you are logged in, dial the phone number shown on the screen and enter the code number. Keep your phone off the hook until you are finished with the recording.

To use the Text-To-Speech system, enter the text into the box and click "Go". You will then hear, over the phone, the recorded announcement using the voice you've selected. You can change voices or change the text and just click "Go" each time you're ready. Once you are satisfied with the message, just hang up, you're done!

If you are finished with one mailbox and want to record a message into a different box, click"New Box". You don't need to hang up the phone - you will hear the voice asking you to enter your code number. When you have logged in to the new box, enter the new code number and you can repeat the process with that new box.

To upload a sound file, click the "Browse" button, select the file, and click "UPLOAD". After the file upload completes, the file will be converted automatically and copied into the mailbox, and then you'll hear it over the phone. Either .wav or .mp3 format is accepted.