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The "My Phone" manager gives you a great deal of control over your phone's message handling and other features.

And don't forget -- we love to say "Yes"! So if you prefer to have us take care of programming your phone, all you need do is ask, there's never a service charge.

To log in you will need your Customer Id, your extension number, and  your voicemail password.

You can switch back and forth between the manager and this page, it will open in a new window.  Once you have logged in, you can manage most aspects of your individual phone's operation.

The information in the top part of the form is updated immediately when you change it and move away from the field. You can do that by clicking "OK" or just pressing the TAB key. The background changes color and then fades back to normal, to indicate that the system got your change.

Display Name

This is the name shown on the display on your phone.  If you have a GXP2000-series, Polycom, or Aastra phone, this display will change immediately when you change it in the web form.


Click this button to receive a PDF file with a label for your phone, showing all of the programmable keys as they are currently set up.

Upload Phone Book

For Grandstream phones, this enables you to upload a phonebook to our server, which will then be downloaded automatically to your phone.  The phonebook must be in CSV format - that is, a text file with commas separating the values.  The first line of the file must be the names of the fields, and there must be one field named "Name", and another field named "Number".  Any other fields will be ignored.  Once you have uploaded the phonebook, click on "Reset My Phone" at the bottom of the Personal Speed Dial section, to download your phonebook.

Call Forwarding

This controls where calls go when your extension is dialed. 

If you do not have any forwarding options set, calls will ring your phone for the specified number of seconds (the default is 28), and then go to voice mail.

IMMEDIATE: If this box is checked, your phone will not ring at all; the forwarding instructions will be followed immediately. If you do not check the IMMEDIATE box, then your phone will ring for the specified number of seconds (default is 28) and then the forwarding instructions will be followed.

'Number' can be any other extension, or any outside number.  Enter it exactly as you would dial it from your phone. This is the number to which calls will be forwarded.

The "Forward Option" controls whether or not this happens - if it is set to "No Forwarding", the rest of the settings are ignored.  The other two choices are:

Forward, Voicemail if No Answer: Sends the call to your selected forwarding number.  If there is no answer, our system takes the call back and sends the caller to your Red Road Telecom voicemail box.  Note that if you are forwarding to a cell phone, and you have voicemail on the cell service, your cell phone voice mail will probably pick up before our system takes the call back.  If you need to be sure your calls never go to your cell phone voicemail, use our Mobile Extension service.

Forward, Hang Up if No Answer: Sends the call to your selected forwarding number.  If there is no answer after 90 seconds, it hangs up.

Voice Message Options

The next section controls what happens when a call goes to your Red Road Telecom voice mail box:

Announce: If this box is checked, then when a call goes to your voicemail, the system plays your greeting and does not take a message.  If Hang up is checked, it will hang up after playing the message.  Otherwise it will go back to the main menu, if you have one, or to the operator.

Message Notification: This determines what happens after someone leaves a message in your voice mailbox.

Off: No special notification.  Your 'Message Waiting' light will still blink, and you will hear a stutter dial tone.

Email Notice: You will receive an email notification for each voice message left in your mailbox, showing the Caller ID name and number (if available) and the time and date of the call.

Email Attachment: The message itself is emailed to you as an attached WAV file. You must fill in an email address to receive the message. To receive an MP3 file instead of WAV, enter your email address as follows: replace '@' with + and add to the end.

Call Me: The system calls you at the specified phone number, and once you answer it is as if you had pressed the "MSG" button on your phone - it asks for your password and then tells you how many new messages you have, and you can pick up the messages.

Mobile Extension:

If you have the Mobile Extension service, this section enables you to control it.  You can enter up to three phone numbers that will be dialed simultaneously along with your desk phone.  You can set the service to "Active" or "Not Active".  The third choice, "Follow Mode", enables you to have your Mobile Extension service activated and deactivated automatically depending on the Night - Day - Break mode of your system.  Check the box next to each mode if you want your Mobile Extension to be active when your system is in that mode.

Personal Speed Dial Editor:

This enables you to program the buttons on your phone.  For Grandstream, Aastra, and Polycom phones this capability is built in to our system.  For other phones please contact us.  

We may already have programmed some keys on your phone for special functions such as DND, another voice mailbox, or setting the system mode.  Please do not change any of the already-programmed values unless you know what you're doing!

Personal Phone Book Editor:

This enables you to edit the phonebook that will be downloaded into your phone.  If you upload a phonebook using the 'Upload Phonebook' selection, your entries will appear here.

After changing either the Personal Speed Dials or the Personal Phonebook, you must click Reset My Phone, or reset your phone manually, in order to have the changes take effect.