Voicemail Console
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The Voicemail Console enables you to manage and return messages professionally from any phone in the world. When you return a call through the system, your caller ID shows your company phone number, even if you're on your cell phone.

The console presents all your messages at a glance - no more slogging through message after message looking for a particular one.

See the "My Phone Manager" for additional message handling and notification options.

To enter the Voicemail Console, you will need your company ID, extension number, and voicemail password. Optionally you can enter a phone number where the system can reach you. If you leave that blank, the system will use your extension number. Click here to access the console.

Once you've logged in, you will see two lists of messages, "New" and "Old", like this:

The Play button plays the message in your browser, and the "Old" button moves it to the "Old Messages" folder. If you move all the new messages to the Old folder, you will notice that the message-waiting light on your phone stops blinking.

From the Old folder, clicking the DEL button deletes the message.

The Call button places a call to your phone, and when you answer it then connects you to the caller ID number shown. The caller will see your company's phone number as the caller ID, regardless of where you are actually calling from.

Update the listing on your screen by clicking "Refresh".