Voxitude™ Administration
Automated Call Recording and Management
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The Voxitude™ system is very flexible and can be attuned to your requrements.

Pearlcium International uses it to record their weekly sales conference calls and automatically make them available to the sales staff.

Dan McSweeney's Whale Watching Adventures uses the full Reservations Support System which includes call recordings automatically linked to the reservation.

If you're looking for more, better, and different features, just give us a ring!

Our automated call recording system stores voice recordings online, indexed by the date and time of the call, the extension on your end, and the phone number on the other end. Once you've logged in to the system, you can search by any of those fields.

To log in, click here. You will need the username and password assigned by Red Road Telecom.

Call ID

If you are using our Reservations System Integration package, you can search for recorded calls by the Call ID number. This number is either displayed on your phone or automatically entered into your reservation system, depending on the type of interface you have.


You can also search by the date of the call. This field is very flexible. You can enter a date in any format, such as "November 25", or "6/14". The current year is assumed if you leave it out. You can also enter, for example, "last sat" for last Saturday, or "2 weeks ago".

Caller ID

You can search by any part of the caller's phone number as it was receieved in the caller ID. If they block caller ID, of course, this won't work.

Search Results

Once you have completed your search, you will have a list of the recordings that match your criteria. For example:

You can then listen to the call in your browser, or download the MP3 file to your computer.

History and Backup

The online call recordings are kept for 30 days. Our storage system is backed up to an external, secure multi-terabyte facility every 24 hours. These backups are retained for approximately 1 year, so in most circumstances if you need to retrieve a recording that is older than 30 days, we will be able to pull it from the backup system.