"These Phones Can Do Anything!"

What if you could ...

...return voice messages from your cell phone as if you were calling from your business number?

...listen to your faxes over the phone?

...have a 5-way video conference with your staff on 3 islands using your desk phones?

...come up with your own "what if" list, and have it implemented for you by one of the leading software designers in the computer-telephone integration business?

You're in the right place! Give us a call and let's get started.

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Because ours is a software-based service, we are able to make your phones do things that go way beyond just moving sound back and forth.

Now, if you're just looking for better phone service, we don't want to glaze you over with tons of descriptions of all these cool features you'll never use - so don't fee like you have to read this.

On the other hand, if you're interested in seeing how a cutting edge service can improve your communications, make your operation more efficient, and enable you to perform like a company 5 times your size, read on! (hmm... did that sound biased at all?)

We've organized a selection of our system features into the following categories. Some of these are just what you'd expect from any $50,000.00 phone system; some are combinations of several different solutions we've put together; some are ideas our customers have come up with, that made us say "Hm! Good idea!"


Business Process

This section describes services we provide that support your business beyond just phone communications. These include processing credit cards, handling reservations, different applications of call recording, and employee web access control and logging.

Group Functions

These are some of the features that support groups of staff handling calls or meeting together or with customers. These include the Call Center, which provides multiple layers of call queues; the Conference Center, your own private dial-in conference service; and Video Conferencing, a Red Road Telecom exclusive.


These are features that make you more reachable, and that enable you to handle calls as if you were at your desk when you're not. Included are Call Forwarding, I'm Here (forward your calls to where you're calling from), Message Notification, Mobile Extension, and our On Call™ Service.

PBX Functions

This section is a sampling of the more popular functions of a classic expensive on-site PBX, or phone system. Our service provides all of these capabilities, and quite a lot more. Included here are music on hold, transfer, automated attendent, 3-way calling, and day/night/break mode.

Voice / Data / Fax Unification

Details of our Faxology™ service, text-to-speech (listen to your faxes and emails over the phone), and speech recognition (voice command) services.