Credit Card Gateway
Simple, Secure Payment Processing

This page presents an overview of our credt card processing system. Please contact us for information on how we can tailor the system to meet your requirements.

Red Road gateway customers looking for the admin interface, click here.

The Red Road Telecom credit card gateway handles payment transactions from your shopping cart or other web-based process. Here's how it works:

Your customer accesses your secure payment page (we can help you set that up too), and enters their payment information.

The information is then transmitted, strongly encrypted, to our gateway server. Our software communicates with your merchant account processor and relays the result back to your website.

We maintain a secure, strongly encrypted database of just the minimal information needed to give you administrative control. You can get transaction reports, issue refunds, and print receipts or audit trails using our web-based administrative interface.

The Red Road Telecom system is periodically audited and re-certified for PCI compliance by Security Metrics.