QuickRes™ Reservations System
Book 'Em, Danno!

Your Software Staff

This is just a brief overview of the features and capabilities of the system. Where we really shine is custom-fitting the software to do exactly what you need. Please contact us to arrange a get-together to explore how our software can improve your bottom line.

Flexible Design

The Quickres™ system was initially designed for the activities business here in Hawaii, later enhanced to handle ticketed seats and series combinations for the Big Island Festival, and enhanced again to provide phone integration and call recording for Dan McSweeney's Whale Watching Adventures. All of these changes and enhancements have been implemented as options, available to you too!

Major System Components

The reservations system consists of these primary components: Inventory, Scheduling, Reservations, Payment, Confirmation, and Reporting.


This part of the system takes care of the details of what you are selling. This would include defining your venues, or vessels, or vehicles; the number of seats in each one, with possibly different classes of seats and different pricing for each class.

You can also specify different categories of sale, for example: Adult, Child, Infant, Comp, Kama'aina, and associate a different prricing structure with each.


This is the section where you create a specific event, which in turn may automatically create an inventory of available seats for that event. You can specify event-specific pricing for each class of seat and for each category of customer.

For some businesses, it makes more sense to create the inventory automatically, on the fly - if you know that you do tours every Thursday and Friday from December through April, we can program the system to accept reservations on that basis without explicity creating a separate event for each one.


Once the inventory and schedule are defined, you're ready to take calls and book reservations. This component can be integrated into the Red Road business telephone service. Using this capability, reservations agents work with a screen that starts out automatically pre-filled with the caller's phone number and name, and any existing reservations for that caller.

A "live" calendar on the screen shows the current number of available seats for each event, and is updated immediately when another reservationist completes a reservation.

Each reservations call is recorded automatically and indexed by the caller name and number as well as the reservation number. This enables you to retrieve the caller's own voice authorizing the charge and agreeing to the date and time and other provisions, virtually eliminating chargebacks.

The system includes a large, easily-updated database of accommodations in Hawaii, making it a simple process to enter the customer's local address in a uniform way.

A similar database of business sources makes it easy to track the source for each reservation, and of course we can provide analysis reports for these.


Your discount and reseller pricing schedule are built into the system, so that the correct price is calculated automatically as you enter customer information. The system can also calculate commissions based on your reseller arrangements.

The system uses the Red Road Telecom credit card gateway, of course. This is a fully secure, PCI-compliant process for processing pre-authorizations, completed sales, and refunds.

The system keeps track of all payment-related transactions for each reservation and will not allow you accidentally to refund more than was paid, or to charge an incorrect price. Full and partial comps can be programmed in, and you can require specific supervisor authorization for these if you choose.


The system automatically places confirmation calls for each event, saving your staff an immense amount of time. You can have this done automatically on a schedule, or initiate it manually using our web interface. When a confirmation call is made, our system calls the phone number for each reservation, and plays a pre-recorded message of your design (an introductory message), followed by a computer- generated voice speaking the name, date, check-in time, and number of customers for this reservation, followed by another pre-recorded message (wrap-up message). The system can tell the difference between a live answer and an answering machine, and will keep track of this for each call.


The QuckRes™ system provides these printed reports, formatted and sorted according to your requirements:

- Manifest

- Pick-up list: for your bus drivers, details of each reservation organized by the pick-up location, in order

- Tickets: check-in form or tear-off ticket/receipt

- Credit card summary report and accounting reconciliation report

- Commission report

- Analysis reports - number of seats of each class and category, for each event, with time-based statistics tailored to your requirements.