Voxitude™ Call Recording
Automatic, Secure, Convenient

Dan McSweeney's Whale Watching Adventures uses the Voxitude™ call recording system to keep a record of every phone reservation. This has eliminated chargebacks due to disagreement about the specific order or the cancellation policy.

Pearlcium International uses Voxitude to record their weekly sales conference call, and make it available to their sales assocates simply by dialing in to the dedicated number for those recordings.

Whether you need to record calls for archival purposes, order verification, or regulatory compliance, our Voxitude system delivers the capabilities you need at a fraction of the price of older-technology commercial call recording solutions.

Because the recordings are created and stored on our central server rather than in your offices, you benefit from our redundant, high-capacity secure storage and multi-line recording capability.

Recording On The Fly

With a simple pushbutton, you can record an entire phone call from the beginning, or you can choose to start recording even while you are already on the call.

Automated Recording

If you have a regularly scheduled conference call you need recorded, we can program the Voxitude system to call in, log in with the PIN number, and record the conference call for you.

Or if your policy is to record all calls, that's easily done. We can have the system record all calls during specified times, all calls to a particular phone number or extension, or any other criteria you require.

Easy and Flexible Access

You can retrieve your recordings using our web-based Voxitude manager. You can search by caller's phone number, internal extension, caller ID, date and time, or any combination of those. Recordings can be downloaded to your computer or played through your web browser. You can even move a recording into a recorded-announcement mailbox so that callers can hear it by selecting the box number.

Reservations System Integration

We can incorporate the Voxitude recording system into your reservations system, so that each call is recorded and tagged with the reservation number. Our QuickRes™ system already has Voxitude integration, and we can work with your reservations sysem provider to integrate yours.