Web Access Control
For Efficiency and Security

Our Web Access Control system is one of several leading-edge applications developed for our customers. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and how our solutions can meet them.


Save Time and Money

Without monitoring and control, employees often waste a great deal of time on the web doing things unrelated to your business. When a business requires access to the web for its operation, it cannot just block all access, so some degree of monitoring and control is needed, and that's what our system does.

Protect Your Confidential Information

Many websites contain viruses, adware, and other malicious software that can trick employees into exposing your private data, disrupt the operation of your computers, and worse. Our system helps to prevent these attacks by limiting access to just the sites you designate as allowed.

Flexibility and Fine Tuning

You can set up the system to accommodate your exact requirements. For example, require all users to log in and identify themselves in order to access the web. Log all accesses, or log only access to websites not on your "approved" list. Block all access except for sites you designate. You can even set up access rules that are different for each employee, so that some can access sites that others cannot.

Simple Web-Based Management, Custom Controls

Of course you can manage your logging and access control system using our secure web-based manager. We will also be glad to provide customization of the control and logging mechanisms to meet your needs.

Affordable, Powerful Solutions

Multi-location businesses especially benefit from our centralized web access control system. You don't need to install a separate gateway at each location, we'll take care of the whole system at our Network Operations Center.

Single-location businesses can have the security and peace of mind of a full access control and logging solution without any on-site server to maintain and protect