Call Center
Big Business Call Handling for Small Business
Perfect For Reservations and Phone Order Businesses

Mauna Kea Summit Adventures uses the Call Center system to support their home-based reservations agents. Agents can work flexible schedules and hand off to each other for meals and other short breaks with an efficiency that would not be possible without this technology. And, no drive time!

Hawaii Ocean Sports uses the Call Center to manage their reservationist stations at 9 locations, automatically escalating to the on-call manager by cell phone.

Placeholder ImageOur Call Center Service enables you to handle more calls with fewer staff, and enables staff members at different locations - even on cell phones - to share the load of incoming calls with a professional and uniform presentation to your customers.

Agents can log in and log out as their schedule requires. Incoming calls are directed to logged-in agents according to the strategy that best fits your business - ring all at once, or ring the least busy agent, or round-robin.

On Hold But Not Forgotten

Keep callers informed while they're on hold with periodic announcements letting them know how many calls are ahead of them and what the expected wait time is. While they're waiting, you can play them your selection of soothing music, or give them important information about your business.

Automatic Escalation

We can set up multiple queues for different purposes, or to escalate calls that are not answered by the first group of agents. For all businesses that depend on phone reserations or orders, this feature makes a big difference in closing business with callers who are less likely to leave a message than they are to call the competition.

Teamwork At A Distance

Our phones display the logged-in status of all agents, even at multiple locations, and provide a single-button speed dial to transfer a call to any other agent. The phones also indicate when an agent is idle or on a call.

Buddy On Hold™

The Buddy On Hold feature is designed for service-based companies that frequently have long hold queues. It offers callers the option to hang up without losing their place in line, and receive a call back from you when an agent becomes available.

Tracking and Reporting

Simple management reports help you assess the effectiveness of your Call Center. You can see what your busy times are, plan when to add more agents or adjust schedules.