Conference Center
Your Own Dedicated Phone Conference Room

The Conference Center enables you to host phone conferences whenever you like, with as many participants as you like.

Also check out our Video Conferencing service - meet face to face by phone!


SImple To Use

To set up a conference call with several associates, all you need to do is give them your conference number and agree on a time for the call. As each person calls in, they connect to the conference. You don't need an operator or any complicated instructions.

Optional Security

If you wish, you can assign a password for the conference, so that only those who know the code can enter.

Automatic Doorkeeper

The system automatically announces entries and exits, so you always know who's in the conference. Callers can optionally be asked their name, which is announced to the conference, or the system can use their Caller ID.

Exclusive "Go Get 'Em" Capability

This feature gives you the ability to drop out of the conference, call another party, and bring them into the conference with you. This was designed for pretrial conferences, in which the judge is not going to call in to a conference call and wait for others to join, but instead wishes to be brought in only when all parties are present.