Video Conferencing
Seeing is Believing

Our multi-user video conferencing service cuts the cost of videoconferencing from thousands to hundreds!

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Video Calling Is Here!

Our phones automatically create a one-on-one video conference when you call another video phone user. They are also Skype certified, so you can connect with any Skype video user.

You can control your visibility with a simple button push, and make the call a regular voice call instead. Your video is shown in the small box, and the other person's is in the large box. Different layouts are available with a push of the button too.

Unique Multi-User Video Conferencing

Another Red Road Telecom Exclusive, our multi-user videoconferencing service is the only one to support the award-winning Grandstream GXV series phones. Until these phones became available, your only multi-party videoconferencing options cost thousands of dollars for each location. The GXV phones cost around $350 each. We are bringing multi-user videoconferencing within the reach of most small businesses.

Paradise Helicopters, with offices in Hilo, Kona, and Oahu, use these phones and our service for their weekly sales meetings, as well as frequent ad-hoc check-ins on particular issues. When you can't just walk into the next office for a quck chat, there's nothing like a video conference, especially when it's as simple as dialing an extension number.

How Will You Benefit From Video Calling?

Give us a call, we'd love to discuss the possibilities with you. We can arrange a demonstration and let you experience the magic of video calling for yourself.