Mobility Features
Stay In Touch While on The Move

These are just some of the ways we help you be as reachable as you want to be and easily manage your calls and messages.

We're always looking for more great ideas so if there's another way you'd like to be kept in touch with your clients and customers, just ask!

Beyond Vanilla

Check out the improvements and special touches we've added to these classic phone system features. Nothing wrong with vanilla, and of course we have that. And in those situations where your taste runs more to the Jamaican Mocha Crunch, we've got that too!

Call Forwarding

Sure, you can simply forward your calls to another extension, or to any number in the world. You can also call in from anywhere and change your call forwarding setup. You can have incoming calls ring your phone for a while first and then forward if there's no answer.

I'm Here

A simpified way to do call forwarding, I'm Here lets you tell the system "forward my calls to the number I'm calling from right now". This works from any extension in your office and also from any outside number.

Message Notification

When you receive a voice message, you can have our system send you an email with the time, date, and caller ID; or send you and email containing the voice message itself. You can even have our system call you and put you into your voice mailbox to pick up the message.

Mobile Extension

Red Road Telecom's Mobile Extension Service rings your desk phone and up to 3 outside phones all at the same time. Call screening is implemented on the outside phones - when you answer, our system tells you who's calling and gives you the option. If you don't take the call, it goes to your business voicemail, never to your personal cell voicemail.

On Call™

The On Call service lets you set up several agents, with up to 3 outside phone numbers for each agent. Agents follow a simple procedure to log in as the agent on cal. When a caller requests the Agent On Call, the Mobile Extension feature is used to send the call to the logged-in agent. Unanswered calls never go to the agent's personal voicemail, only to your business voicemail.

Buddy On Hold™

Getting stuck on hold is just no fun - you're tied to your phone, and you can't really use it while you're waiting for a person. Buddy On Hold eliminates both of those annoyances! Our unique system waits on hold for you and frees up for phone. Best of all, if you have the Mobile Extension feature, you can get up and go, and the call will be delivered to your cell phone whenever you've reached the front of the line.