Buddy On Hold™
Let Your Phone Do The Waiting

Set Yourself Free!

Buddy On Hold unties you from your phone when you're waiting on hold, and will even deliver the call to your cell phone when your turn comes up!

Push-button Simpllicity!

When you're stuck on hold, just transfer the call to your Buddy On Hold agent (push two buttons: TRANSFER, BOH). That's it! Your phone is no longer engaged, and our system is waiting on hold for you. When a person takes your call, they'll be transferred to your phone. And if you have Mobile Extension, you'll receive the call on your cell phone too!

First-Time Setup

Before you use Buddy On Hold for the first time, press the BOH key on your phone. You will be prompted to record your greeting. The password is your voicemail password. This message will be repeated endlessly when you're waiting on hold, so it should be brief and to the point. Example "This is Pat Smith with Red Road Telecom. I'm waiting on hold. Press 1 to be connected to me."

How To Use BOH

When you're stuck on hold, press TRANSFER - BOH. You'll see your BOH button start blinking. As long as you're still on hold, it will keep blinking. When someone takes your call and presses 1, your phone will ring and the BOH key will go green again. If it goes green while you're waiting, and your phone isn't ringing, that means they hung up on you.

You can bring the call back to your phone while you're waiting. Just press the blinking BOH key. You'll hear a busy signal. Hang up, and your phone will ring, and you're connected again.

How to re-record your messsage

When there is no call on the BOH key, press the button. You'll hear your own BOH message. Press the pound key (#), and you'll be able to re-record your message.