Call Forwarding
Regular, Delayed, Remote, Scheduled

You're The Boss!

As with all of our Hosted PBX features, Red Road Telecom's Call Forwarding is designed to make your business phone service more responsive and productive than you ever imagined!

If you just want to forward your calls, you can ignore all the other features and simply forward your calls.

Or you can fine-tune the call forwarding by taking advantage of the additional options that only Red Road Telecom provides.

Plain Vanilla Call Forwarding

This feature allows you to send incoming calls to any phone number of your choice. It's not limited to extensions within your company; you can forward your calls to your cell phone, for example. We can program a button on your phone to turn forwarding on and off, and the light turns red when forwarding is on, as a reminder.

Delayed Call Forwarding

This is one of our most popular features. On incoming calls, your phone rings for the time period you specify, and then if you don't anwer the call is forwarded to the number you have chosen. With this feature you can forget to turn on forwarding and your calls are still forwarded when you're away from your desk.

Remote Call Forwarding

You can access your call forwarding settings from any phone in the world. Once you enter your password, you can change the forwarding number or turn forwarding on or off. So, no more U-turns at the end of a long day!

Scheduled Call Forwarding

We can set up your call forwarding to follow the Day - Night - Break mode of your system, which can be set on an automatic schedule. With this feature, you can have calls automatically forwarded to a different office when your office is closed. Or, you can have your calls forwarded to your cell phone but only during business hours.