I'm Here
Call Forwarding Simplified
I'm Here is one of dozens of unique or enhanced features that used to be available only on very expensive business phone systems. Red Road Telecom software makes these features available even to a one-person office.

Our Call Forwarding feature includes outstandng convenience and flexibility not found in other services.

Another feature previously only found in a $50,000 PBX system is "I'm Here". And our version of it can't be found anywhere else at all.

I'm Here does what it sounds like - you tell your phone system where you are, and it forwards your calls there. To do this from one of your Red Road Telecom service locations, you can just push the "I'm Here" button on the phone, and then put in your extension number.

Here's the exclusive part: you can call your "I'm Here" number from any phone, put in your extension number, and your calls will now be forwarded to the number you're calling from.