Message Notification
Always Get The Message!

Standards Are Meant To Be Improved!

These are our standard message notification options. As will all aspects of our service, if there's a different way you would prefer to have this work, let us know and we'll work with you to get it done!

How Reachable Do You Want To Be?

We can help you fine-tune your reachability. Our Mobile Extension service twins your desk phone with your cell phone. You can control when that's in effect, of course. Some folks prefer not to be quite that reachable, and that's where message notification comes in. You can decide how you will be notified when someone leaves you a voice message.

No Notification

With this option, your phone will still flash its Mesage Waiting Light, and you'll hear a stutter dial tone alerting you to new voice messages. No other notice is provided.

Email Notification

Using this feature, our system sends you an email telling you the caller ID, date and time of each new voice message you receive.

Email Message

This selection sends you a copy of each voice message as an attached sound file to your selected email address.

Call Me

Our system calls your designated phone number (usually your cell phone), and when you answer it asks for your voicemail password and then puts you into your voice mailbox so you can immediately pick up your voice messages.