Mobile Extension
How Reachable Do You Want To Be?
Other reachability options:

You can set your phone for delayed forwarding, so your desk phone rings a couple of times (you can set the timer) and then forwards to your cell phone.

Our On Call™ service enables staff members to log in as the agent on call. Each staffer has a Mobile Extension set up with as many as three outside numbers.

To be a little less reachable yet still keep on top of your communications, look at our Message Notification options.

With Red Road Telecom's Mobile Extension Service, you can "twin" your mobile phone and your desk phone, so that when someone calls your office number or transfers to your extension, both phones ring at once. Whichever phone you pick up, the other one stops ringing and you have the call. You can easily switch the call over to your desk phone when you get back, or even transfer it to any other number from your cell phone, wherever you are.Placeholder Image

Unique Red Road Mobile Extension Features

While other companies offer a similar feature, ours has some enhancements that set it apart from all the rest:

  • Multiple Outside Phones: you can configure up to 3 outside phone numbers to ring when your desk phone rings
  • Call Screening: when you receive a Mobile Extension call, you hear a system voice telling you the name and number of the caller, and offering you the option to accept the call or not. The caller is just hearing "ring ring" and does not know you are screening your calls.
  • Business Is Business: if you choose not to take the call on your cell phone, the caller goes to your business voice mailbox, never to your cell phone voicemail.
  • Scheduled reachability: you can configure your Mobile Extension service to follow your system's Day / Night mode so that, for example, your cell phone would not receive calls when the system is in Night mode.
  • Simple web management: in addition to being able to control the service from your phone, you can also log in to our web-based manager and set your phone numbers and options.