On Call™
Maximum Reachability

Not Just For Doctors

The On Call service can take you to a whole new level of responsiveness to your customers and clients.

We'd love to chat with you about how On Call can improve your business relationships!

Simple, Powerful, Flexible

Designed for medical practices, the On Call system makes it really easy for staff members to manage their contact information and to sign in as the person on call.

Simple For Your Clients

Clients reach your On Call staff member with the same simple menu choice, regardless of who's on call. No more changing the recording every day, no more saying "Please hang up and call 555-1212 for the Doctor On Call". Just "To reach the on call physician, press 3."

Simple for your Agents

Each of your assigned on-call agents has a unique extension number devoted to the On Call service. Up to 3 outside phone numbers can be set as the "reach me" numbers for this extension.

To log in as the responsible on-call person, the agent calls into the system and enters a code, and the system confirms "You are now the agent on call."

Call Screening and Privacy

When a call is sent to the agent's outside numbers and the agent answers, our system tells the agent who's calling and gives them the option of accepting the call. If there is no answer or the agent chooses not to take the call, it goes to your business voicemail, never to the agent's personal voice mailbox.

Red Road Telecom's On Call service is used by medical practices, maintenance and support services, and activities reservations businesses to provide 24/7 accessibility with no hassles.