Auto Attendant
You'll Love This! Or Hate It!

Do More WIth Less

When it's well implemented, the Auto Attendant function can really free up your staff to give more attention to your customers, and actually improve the customer experience.

The Auto Attendant feature on any phone system is often the most controversial. As you know, if it's done badly it's "Voice Mail Jail" - endless options leading around in circles never letting your customers talk to a person. On the other hand, if it's implemented nicely, Auto Attendant enables you to provide information to your callers quickly and efficiently, freeing up your staff for the calls that are not simply "what's your fax number?"

Flexibility Is The Key

As with all of our services, what makes our Auto Attendant different is the complete flexibility and customization that we provide at no additional charge. You can, of course, have your phones ring first to your staff and then to the menu, or you can have calls go directly to the menu. You can base this on the Day / Night / Break Mode setting.

You can provide immediate ring-to-a-person when the caller presses 0, as many people do as soon as they hear an automated menu.

Options and More Options

Here are some of the most often-used options we provide for the Auto-Attendant:

  • Transfer to a specific person or department
  • Play a recorded message, optionally go back to the menu or hang up
  • Transfer to any phone number in the world
  • Join a multi-party conference or videoconference call
  • Company directory
    • By first name
    • By last name
    • Speech Recognition - say the name of the person you want

Have something else in mind? If you need it, we'll figure out a way to do it.