Caller ID
Red Road Telecom provides Caller ID at no additional charge. It's one of many features and capabilities that other providers either do not have or do not provide without an additional monthly fee.

Ordinary Caller ID

Caller ID service displays information about the caller when you receive an incoming call. The caller's phone number and name are usually displayed. The caller can block Caller ID, and in that case of course it will not be displayed.

Our mult-line desk phones display the caller id name and number on the screen before and during a call. If you have calls on hold, the display shows you the caller ID for each line so you know who's on hold where.

Extraordinary Caller ID

With Red Road Telecom service, you can block calls based on the caller ID, or direct them to different phones.

Our Voxitude Call Recording service can place an identiying number in front of the caller ID, so that you can easily retrieve the recording of that call. This is also a feature of the Reservations Support System.

Our Mobile Extension and On Call services use the caller ID name and number to tell you who's calling before you accept the call, even when the call is coming to your home or cell phone.