Call Transfer

Our call transfer capabaility is a little better than most, since it does not occupy any of your lines and you can transfer calls anywhere.

There is no extra charge for Call Transfer!


Basic Call Transfer

Most PBX and hosted PBX systems provide the ability to transfer a call, and of course ours does too. Call transfer means taking a "live" call and sending it to another phone. There are two types of call transfer - some systems only provide one, most (including ours) provide both:

Blind Transfer

With a blind transfer, you just send the call to the other phone and hang up. If no one answers or the line is busy, you don't know that, the call is gone from your phone.

Attended Transfer

A more polite way to transfer a call is to call the destination party first, see whether they want to take the call, and then either connect it or go back to the original caller and let them make another choice.

Unlimited Call Transfer

The Red Road Telecom system enables you to transfer calls - either blind or attended - to any phone in the world, not limited to phones within your office. And when you transfer a call to an outside number, that call does not take up any of your lines. So even if you have a single-line phone, you can transfer a call and your line is free immediately.