Day - Night - Break Mode
Tune Your System to Your Schedule

The MODE feature is one of many capabilities most phone service providers do not offer. The complete flexibility of Red Road Telecom's MODE feature is the best we've ever seen!

The Red Road system lets you determine how calls are handled depending on your selection of three operating modes.

Typically, Day Mode is used when your business is open and your staff is available to take calls. Night Mode would usually be used when your business is closed and no one is there to take calls. Break Mode is used when your primary call-answering staff is on a break, or you're all out to lunch. You can use these modes in any way you like, to change the way calls are routed.

Tweak To Taste

Beyond just sending calls to voicemail when you're in Night mode, we can tailor the system to exactly suit your needs. For example, users of the Mobile Extension service can have it active only when the system is in Break mode, so calls ring just the desk phone normally, but ring both the desk and the cell phone in Break mode.

If you have multiple numbers or multiple locations, you can have some calls follow the mode while others do not. Many of our reservations-based customers use night mode to direct incoming reservations calls to backup staff in Night Mode, while all other calls are sent to voice mail.

Manual Mode Changing

Once we've programmed in your choices of how calls are handled in the different modes, you can change the mode by pressing the "MODE" key on your phone. The voice says "Now in Night Mode", for example - each time you press the button, it switches to the next mode. If you are not using a mode, it will skip that one.

Automatically Match Your Schedule

Most business schedules can be accommodated by our automatic mode system. For example, one of our customers is open from 8:30 to 5 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; from 9:00 to 3:00 on Tuesday, and closed on Thursday. Our system easily handles that schedule so they do not have to remember to press the "MODE" button.

You're In Control

Even with an automatic schedule in place, you can still manually change modes by pressing the MODE button.

You can even call in to the system from anywhere and change the mode - so if you leave the office and forget to set Night Mode, you don't have to drive back there!