Voice - Data - Fax Integration
The Future of Converged Services Here Today
Red Road Telecom is proud to be the only Hawaiian vendor providing all of the capabilities of text-to-speech, speech recognition, fax conversion, telephone and Internet service.


Being a software-based service gives Red Road Telecom the ability to create new capabilities and features ourselves without waiting for a hardware manufacturer to release a new model. That's why we're so far ahead of the field in many areas, including the integration of voice, fax, and data services.

Our Faxology™ service uses both text-to-speech and optical character recognition to process the text of your incoming faxes. It's able to read your faxes to you over the phone or send the text of a fax to your phone.

Our Text-To-Speech service is also used for automatically recording announcements and mailbox greetings. It can even read your email to you over the phone.

Our Voice Command System is able to recognize spoken commands and names, providing a highly usable and friendly interface for company directories, call direction, order processing and more.