We're Shooting For "Wow!"

Many of our customers say "Wow" several times while we're describing our services and options. Many of our competitors do too, but they won't admit it.

Go ahead, we'll never tell...


Fax With The Convenience Of Email

With our Faxology service you can send and receive faxes using your regular email account and software. Incoming faxes are delivered as attached PDF documents. To send a fax, you send an email with optional attached text or PDF documents, and our system converts it all and delivers it to the recipient's fax machine.

Receive Faxes as Voice Messages or Text Messages

What? Yup. Using our Text-to-Speech technology combined with Optical Character Recognition, our system can actually read your faxes to you and store them as voice messages in your voice mailbox. Using the OCR alone, our system can pull the text out of a fax and email it to you or text it to your smartphone.

Smart Fax Sharing

Another application of our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, the Fax Dispatch service reads your incoming faxes looking for "TO: " and one of the names on your list. If it finds that, the fax is automatically emailed as a PDF file to the associated email address for that name.

Retreive Past Faxes

Ever have your fax machine jam while you were receiving an important fax? Or need to produce a fax you received a year ago and no longer have? Faxology includes a complete fax history service. Log in to our website and locate any past fax by date and time, orby the sender's phone number. You can redeliver the fax of simply bring it up as a PDF file directly from our history site.

It's Not "Either Or"

With Red Road Telecom Faxology, you don't have to choose between email delivery and delivery to your fax machine. We can do both! You can send and receive faxes using your fax machine as always, and also add any of the other fax handling options.