Voice Command
Automated Speech Recognition

Red Road Telecom brings voice command technology to all your phones and to your customers, using a creative, easy-to-use format. Try it out- hearing is believing!

The Best Company Directory

Instead of listening to a long list of names and extension numbers, your callers simply say the name of the person they wish to speak with, and the Red Road Telecom system connects them. If there is more than one match, the system says, for example "I think you said 'Alice'. For Alice Cooper, press 1; for Alice in Wonderland, press 2''

Creative Call Dispatching

You're not limited to staff names with our Speech Recognition. You can have a menu that says "Please say the department you're looking for - you can say Sales, Repair, Accounting, or say Help or Operator to speak with a person."

Streamlined Order Processing

You can use the Speech Recognition system to take orders for products that have a known list of options. For example, pizza: "Please say what size: medium or large". Please select up to 4 toppings; to hear a list of available toppings, say "list".

Hands-Free Dialing

We can make your phonebook available as a hands-free dialing app for your desk phone or even your cell phone. Dial your hands-free phonebook extension or dedicated phone number, and then just speak to dial! You can even call a number that's not in your phonebook, just by speaking it!

Your Next Great Idea

Have a thought about how to use speech recognition in your business process? We're .. um .. listening!