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These are some questions that will help you make an informed choice about your telecom service.

We want you to be sure you're getting a complete service package, and that it's going to work in your particular business.

Take a look at the case studies too, for some details on how we have helped some of your neighbors.

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What to Ask

Getting ready to change your business communication technology is a serious decision. We want to be sure you understand what your options are, and how it's really going to work.

Feel free to ask us for assistance in evaluating our service or any other service. You can count on Red Road Telecom to give you our best advice, even if that means sending you to another provider.


These are some questions we think you should ask any business communication service provider, along with Red Road Telecom's answers:

  1. Do you provide a complete telecom package, including phone, fax, and Internet?
    -- We sure do! And our services include features and capabilities other folks charge extra for.
  2. Will my credit-card terminal, dial-up modem, fax machine, postage meter, and alarm all work with your service?
    -- Yes! We have customers using all of these devices every day.
  3. When someone dials 911 from our phone, will our location be properly identified automatically to the E911 operator?
    -- Yes. We have a contract with the E911 database management company and all of our numbers and physical locations are up to date. Red Road Telecom is a member of the National Emergency Number Association, our NENA ID is RRTC.
  4. Suppose there's a problem with the Internet. Is that going to mess up my phone service?
    -- No! Red Road Telecom does not use the Internet to transport telephone calls, so Internet interruptions and issues do not affect your phone service. (Note: in special situations where our private network is not available, we can provide Internet-based phone service)
  5. What kind of warranty do you offer, and what does it really cost?
    -- Our warranty is printed in each contract, and it's simple: we stand behind every piece of equipment we sell, and it will not cost you anything to get it fixed, as long as you are our customer, forever. There is no trip charge, no warranty replacement charge, no hidden charges, no unhidden charges.
  6. Can I manage my phone's features, voicemail, and faxes online with a web browser?
    -- Yes! Our online system enables you to manage your call forwarding, program keys on your phone, manage message notification, pick up your voice messages, retrieve faxes as PDF files or redeliver them, even return phone messages.
  7. What does it cost to add a new mailbox, a recorded announcement, an automated voice menu with choices that call cell phones, play messages, or go to voicemail?
    -- Not a dime! We'll do all of those things for you whenever you like, as often as you need them, free of charge.
  8. What choices do I have for the type of phone I use?
    -- There are hundreds of manufacturers that make phones compatible with Red Road Telecom's service. Video conferencing phones, operator consoles, simple 1-line desk phones, and everything in between. You can even use your existing standard analog phone, or pick up a new cordless phone, or anything that suits your taste!