Call Center Queue System


  • Handle more calls more efficiently
  • Effectively distribute calls to multiple locations as if they were all one
  • Manage in real time via the web panel
  • Analyze and manage based on up-to-the-second stats and graphs

The Red Road Telcom Call center enables your business to handle a large number of calls in a professional and effective way, with the most efficient staff utilization.

Staff at multiple phones and even in multiple locations can be available to receive calls.  They are all part of the same system so calls can be transferred as needed, regardless of the staff member’s location.

Our Buddy On Hold™ feature is part of the Call Center, so that callers have the option of keeping their place and receiving a call back.  Unlike all other similar systems, ours calls them back with a live agent on the line rather than just putting them back in the queue again.

Activities companies, vacation rental companies, medical practices, and many others are loving our Call Center system.

You can set up multiple queues in the Call Center.  Each queue can have an associated priority queue, where calls go automatically when they time out.

Each queue can be set with different options – for example, ring agents even when they’re on a call; periodic announcement of options and wait time; agent finish-up time, lots more.

The Call Center web interface shows you the current status of all queues and all agents at all locations.  You can log agents in and out of queues, and you can see exactly how busy each one is, so you can manage the call distribution in real time.

As with all Red Road Telecom Hosted PBX features, you can have a schedule determining when calls will go into any queue, as well as what happens if the call times out.

The web panel also provided details stats showing average hold time, calls answered, transferred, abandoned and at what place in the queue.

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