Business Phone Service Features

Here are some of the Hosted PBX features our customers love the most. All of these work within a single location or across multiple locations.

3-digit Extensions

From any phone at any location, dial a 3-digit number to ring any other phone at any location.


From any phone at any location, you can page any other phone at any location.  This acts as a hands-free intercom connection between the two phones.  Page groups can also be set up, to page any group of phones.

Call Parking

The phones can be set up with 1-16 parking slots.  You park a call by pushing a button on your phone, and the associated button blinks red on all phones.  Anyone can pick up the call by pushing the blinking red button.  Typically you would use the Paging feature to announce the call and the line you’ve parked it on.

Programmable Keys

Our phones come with 8 – 160 programmable keys.  These can perform functions like parking a call or Do-Not-Disturb, or they can be speed dials to ring phones or outside numbers.  For internal extensions, each key shows the status of that extension: in use, busy, idle.

Menus, Recordings

You can provide menus  to select specific departments or extensions, hear recorded announcements such as driving directions or upcoming events, or any other PBX function.

Day – NIght – Break – Holiday

Your system can be set up with a schedule, with “Day”, “Night”, “Break”, and “Holiday” modes.  Incoming calls can be handled completely differently based on what mode you’re in.  You can also manually change modes.

Remote Access

Using our Web Interface, or dialing in to our Manager from anywhere, you can pick up voice messages, change recordings, change Day-Night-Break mode, change call forwarding and message delivery options, and control all the basic features of your phone system.

Cell Phone Integration

With our Mobile Extension, you can have calls ring your desk phone and up to 3 outside phone numbers all at the same time.  Calls will never go to the external phone’s voicemail, only to your Red Road voicemail.  You can also call out from your cell phone with the Caller ID showing your business number.

Call Groups

Your incoming calls can be set to ring any combination of phones.  You can also set up internal extensions that ring groups of phones, so for example you could transfer a call to the Sales department at extension 200 and it would ring all the phones in that department.  Incoming calls are not limited to a single line – you can have multiple incoming calls all active at the same time.  Callers will never get a busy signal.

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