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Solutions To Consider

For a very small office, home office, or single professional practice, look a the Sole Practitioner Package.

For any size organization, if you have phones or a phone system that you're happy with, we can simply replace your phone lines and save you a bundle. That's our Line Replacement solution.

For larger organizations, and those requiring multi-line phones, intercom, paging and other high-end phone system capabilities, consider Hosted PBX service.

For a single home-office or work-from-home staff member, or any business that's not within range of our private digital network, we provide VoIP solutions with all the capabilities of our Hosted PBX service.

Most of the features listed under Features in the menu above can be configured to work with any of our service plans.

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Solutions, Great and Small

If you just need better, less expensive phone service, we've got it for you. If you need a full multi-location integrated communications system, we've got that for you. And if what you need is something we don't have, we can write new software for you and implement a solution that's custom-fit to your requirements. Does that cost a fortune? Often, it's free of charge! If it's a matter of adding a feature to our business phone system software that other customers are likely want also, we'll do it and thank you for the idea. So - call us, email us, let's get together and talk about what you're looking for.

When Dr. Fujioka called us, all she was looking for was a way to have reliable phone and fax service and save money. Her existing phone was just fine, no need for a new one. If she could keep the "press zero to reach my cell phone" feature, that would be great. We did that at no additional charge. Her total monthly bill now is $103.59, and that includes phone, a separate fax line, Internet, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, email-to-fax and fax-to-email, transfer, 3-way calling, caller ID, and GE tax.

Big Island Carbon started out with a simple request: get our phone and Internet service going NOW, not six weeks from now. Facilities issues with the traditional carrier meant that they could not get phone, fax, and Internet service -- three separate connections -- any sooner. We installed 4 4-line phones (16 lines), fax, Internet, cables and jacks and had them up and in business in about a week. When they built their plant at Kawaihae, naturally they relied on us for the fiber terminations, data cabling, phone system and phones. And when they opened their California office, of course they turned to us for VoIP phone and fax service. We integrate all three locations, so a single voice menu provides access to them all, in addition to the direct numbers for each office. Additional cost for the voice menu, multi-location integration? Zero!

Pete's Belly Bustazs sends out their menu by fax every week. Patty was coming in every Sunday and spending hours cranking out those faxes. Now she sends it once, to our service, and enjoys the rest of her day with the family. Our system automatically retries busy fax machines, delivers the menus to everyone on the list, and notifies Patty if any of them didn't go through. She maintains the list herself using a custom-programmed web-based list manager we created just for her. Total additional cost for this fax broadcast system? Zero!