Hosted PBX Services
Huge Gain, No Pain

Examples of Hosted PBX features in action:

Mauna Kea Summit Adventures: Home-based workers use Call Center to log in and log out, with Presence Indicator so they know who's available. Even cell phones can join the agent queue.

Daniel S. Peters, AAL: Home and office phones are connected on a single system. Internal extensions for call forwarding.

Hawaii Family Health: both digital multi-line and analog single-line phones on the same service. On Call™ Service, physicians easily log in as the responsible provider.

Paradise Helicopters: Five locations, 2 separate businesses inter-related on the same phone system. Easy intercom, transfer, and call spill-over among locations. Multi-party video conferencing using desk phones.


Total Business Phone System

Red Road Telecom Hosted PBX services give you all the capabilities of a top-of-the-line business phone system without the investment in hardware and maintenance. All of the functionality resides in our software, and all you need at your location are the phones.

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"Hosted PBX" means that the major equipment and facilites are located at our secure Network Operations Center. This is what's now being called a "cloud" application. The equipment at your site is minimal, greatly reducing your cost of purchasing and maintaining the sytem.

Continuous Improvement, No Cost

As we continue to upgrade and improve our business phone service, you continue to reap the benefits at no additional cost to you! Since we intitiated this service, we've added a lot of new features and capabilties and those become available to all customers right away, as we upgrade our servers. There's no need to replace your hardware, or have a service technician come to your site to change your system programming. The "hosted" solution means that all of the maintenance and improvement of your phone system happens on our servers.

Size Doesn't Matter

Even if you have just a single phone, all of our Hosted PBX functionality is available to you. If you have multiple offices, even on multiple islands, we can unify your enterprise with a single centralized phone and network system, providing you with intercom and paging, simple call transfer, and all the features of a 21st-century business phone system connecting all your locations - even home-based workers.