Line Replacement
If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Line Replacement
vs Hosted PBX

With Line Replacement, the functionality of your phones is limited to what your existing phone system can do. With our Hosted PBX service, that limitation doesn't exist.

If you don't have a phone system and you have one or two phones, Line Replacement may be perfect for you. We can implement many of the Hosted PBX features using your existing analog phones. However, if you have more than two phones, we recomment you consider the Hosted PBX service.

We would love to talk it over with you and help you come to the right combination of services. Just give us a call any time!

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Our Line Replacement option is designed for the business that already has a PBX or in-house phone system. If you like your phone system, or you just invested a small fortune in it and it doesn't make sense to replace it, Line Replacement is for you.

We simplly provide a replacement for your existing phone, fax, alarm, credit card, and postage meter phone lines. Operationally everything stays the same, you just pay a much lower monthly rate for phone and Internet service.

You can take advantage of our voice mail service as a backup so that when all your lines are in use, your callers will not get a busy signal, they'll go to voicemail.

WIth our Faxology™ service, you can direct incoming faxes to your email, freeing up another phone line that might be used for credit card, alarm , or postage meter.