Don’t your customers and contacts want to text you instead of calling or emailing? With our SMS service, this is a snap!

When someone sends a text message to your sms-enabled number on Red Road Telecom’s Hosted PBX service, you’ll receive it as an email to your preferred email address, or we can text it to your phone. Either way, you can reply either to the email or to the text message, and your reply will go as a text to the sender.

We can also provide multiple email addresses to be associated with the same SMS phone number, or multiple SMS recipients for incoming messages.

What about sending out appointment or reservation confirmations by SMS? Yes, we do that! Our ConfoCall system can make automatic voice, email, and text message notifications, including the ability to have the recipient confirm or cancel the associated appointment.

Like what you hear? Give us a call at (808) 464-6458. Or text!

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