VoIP Business Phone Video Tutorials

Here are some quick video tutorials showing you how to use the features of Red Road Telecom’s VoIP Business Hosted PBX service.

The first group is about transferring calls.  You can do a “blind” transfer, which is the quickest way.  This just sends the call to another number, without regard for whether it will be answered or go to voicemail or anything else.

Then there’s an “attendend” transfer, where you call the other person first to see if they’re available to take the call.

And finally, there’s the “park and page” way.  This is something most VoIP providers cannot do.  You “park” the call by transferring it to a shared parking space.  All of your phones at all locations can have access to that parking space.  Then you page – again, can do this across multiple locations – to let the person know there’s a call parked for them.

 You can click on the four-corners image in each video to bring it up full screen.

Blind Transfer

Attended Transfer Yes

Attended Transfer No

Park and Page

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