Business VoIP Hosted PBX Features

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“These Phones Can Do Anything!”

Red Road Telecom provides dozens of business VoIP Hosted PBX features.  Many of these are standard for any phone system.  Some are what we call “key system envy” features – things that most cloud-based phone systems cannot do.  And a bunch are specific to us, features that were requested by our customers and that we developed just for them.

We Love To Say “YES!”

Need something you don’t see here?  Have an idea for a VoIP Hosted PBX feature that would help your business?  We do new stuff all the time, we’re programmers!

Conference Calls
You can conference in up to 6 people just by pressing buttons on your phone.  We also provide a dial-in Conference Center.
Caller ID
Of course when you call out on our system, the caller ID shows your company name.  And incoming calls also show both the phone number and the name.
Transfer and Forward

Transfer a live call to any number.  Set any phone or even your main number to forward incoming calls to any number you choose.

With a customer on the line, you can call a staff member’s cell phone, prepare them for the call, and then transfer it directly to them.

Music On Hold
Use our generic music or upload your own custom on-hold music. You can even periodically update it by sending an email.
Park and Page
Remember “Pat!  Call for you on line 1”?  Most VoIP systems can’t do that.  We can.  You can have up to 16 Park lines shared across all your phones at all your locations.  Park a call at one location, and all the associated Park buttons for that line will blink red on all phones.  Anyone can pick up that call just by pushing the blinking button.
Multi-Location Integration
Your phones in multiple locations can operate as if they were all in one place.  Status lights show whether they’re in use or not, single button presses can page or transfer to any phone at any location.
Click To Call
We’ll set up a link for you to put on your website, and when someone clicks on it, it calls your agent and then connects to the caller.  Under your control, the link can automatically change to “No operators available at this time, please leave us a message” and it emails the entered message to you.
Voxitude® Call Recording

Voxitude® Call Recording lets you record the call you’re on, on the fly. Or automatically have all your calls recorded.  Retrieve recordings using our web-based manager where you can search by caller ID, date and time.  Using our Reservations Integration feature, you can find all recordings associated with a given reservation.

Recordings stay online on our server for 90 days, and you can retrieve any recording from our off-site backup on request at any time.

Web Based Control
Easily manage your entire Hosted PBX service via our web interface.  Your staff can pick up voice messages, record announcements or menus, block robo-call numbers, program speed-dial buttons, manage call forwarding – and so much more!
Buddy On Hold™
Free yourself from your phone!  Our exclusive Buddy On Hold™ service waits on hold for you and then when a person answers your call, it connects to you at your desk or even at your cell phone.
Professional Phone Operation Anywhere

With our Mobile Extension service you can receive business calls on your home phone or cell phone, and you’ll know when you answer the call that it’s a business call so that you can answer appropriately.  These calls will never go to your personal voicemail – if you don’t answer, they go to your Red Road Telecom voicemail.  Call your clients from any phone, and they will see your business phone number as the Caller ID.

Scheduled Call Handling
Our Hosted PBX VoIP system has four “modes”: Day, Night, Break, and Holiday.  You can have calls handled completely differently depending on what mode you’re in.  Modes can be scheduled automatically, and you can also manually set the current mode.
Call Center Queuing

Our Call Center system enables you to handle more calls more efficiently.  Staff can log in from anywhere to receive calls.  The web control panel gives you live views of all queues and enables logging in and out.

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