Here are some tips, ideas, information and advice about VoIP hosted business phone service and all the related technical and procedural considerations surrounding it. Contact us any time if you have a question or idea you’d like us to explore!

Free Yourself From Hold Hell — Buddy On Hold!

If you've ever been stuck on hold waiting for an important support issue to get resolved, you know why you need Buddy On Hold™. You're chained to your phone, and you can't use it to make or receive other calls. Can't get up and walk away either, right? Now, some...

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Your Domain Name, Your Network, Your Passwords

Your domain name and your office network are vital pieces of property that directly affect your ability to operate. Many companies mistakenly surrender complete control of these properties to their IT consultants. Terrible idea.

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VoIP Can’t Do? Park a Call

One of the features people miss most when replacing their old PBX systems with hosted VoIP services is call parking – the simple “call for you on Line 2” capability you’d think any system would have.

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Why You Should Never Press “RESET”

Most network devices come with a RESET button.  Routers, wireless access points, some phones, switches - all of these and more.  It's kind of natural for someone to press this button when they think there's a problem with the device.  Sometimes a tech support person...

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