As we know, island life includes the occasional cut fiber or power failure, or other unexpected event that makes your phones inaccessible. A great advantage of Hosted PBX VoIP service is that your phone system is not in your office, it’s in our Network Operations Center. So even if your phones aren’t working, your phone service is!

And that means you can have all your calls go anywhere you like.  Normally they’ll go to voicemail if not answered, and you can pick up your messages through our online portal or by calling in from anywhere you have a working phone.

Using our Emergency Call Forwarding feature, you can call in from a working phone or go to our online admin panel, and set it up so that all calls go to any number you choose, regardless of any scheduling or other call routing you have set up for normal operation.  You can use our Mobile Extension feature to send calls to up to 3 phone numbers at the same time, and whichever one answers will get the call. 

Naturally we are always available to set up Emergency Call forwarding for you, or any custom call routing you would like.  



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