If you’ve ever been stuck on hold waiting for an important support issue to get resolved, you know why you need Buddy On Hold. You’re chained to your phone, and you can’t use it to make or receive other calls. Can’t get up and walk away either, right?

Now, some systems do offer you the option of receiving a call back when your turn comes up. However, they don’t tell you a couple of important gotchas: first, you usually get bumped to the bottom of the list when you select the call-back option. Worse, when you do get the call back, you get put right back into the queue again, listening to the same music, waiting for someone to pick up your call. Yes, presumably, you’re a bit closer to the front of the line than you were when you selected this option, but you still have to go through the same frustrating imprisonment.

Buddy On Hold takes care of everything. It waits on hold for you, so their system doesn’t even know you’re not there listening to the music. You don’t lose your place in line. And you won’t get a call back until there is actually a person on the other end of the line. If you have our Mobile Extension feature, you can leave your office and go about your business, and you’ll get the call on your cell phone when you get to the front of the line. Either way, when you answer the call, you’ll be speaking with a person, not back waiting in line again.

If you are using our Call Center Queueing system, you can use Buddy On Hold to benefit your callers as well. It offers them the option to receive a call back when there’s an agent available, it keeps their place in line, and it will not call them back until there is actually a person on the line ready to speak with them.

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