One of the benefits of a VoIP Hosted PBX system is that we can connect with “soft” phones – phones that are actually programs running on your computer or apps running on your Android or iPhone. These soft phones can be set up not just as additional phones on your phone system – we can have the soft phone completely replace your desk phone.

By doing this, your home-working staff will essentially have their desk phones at home. The Call Center Queueing system will ring those phones that are logged in, just as if they were in the office. Calls that normally ring the desk phones will ring the soft phones instead.

And your staff can call out from the soft phone, showing your office phone number as the caller ID, just as they do from their desk phones at the office.

If you just need that last capability – call clients without showing your cell phone number – we have a couple of options for that. From the Voicemail web interface, you can tell our system what phone number you can be reached at. Then you can call any number, and our system will call you first and then connect you to the number you dialed, showing your office number as the caller ID.

We can also provide you with a special number to call from your cell or home phone. You’ll then hear dial tone, and any number you call will see your office number as the caller ID.

Check out the Remote Workers link at the top of our website for a document with more details on all this, or of course give us a call at 443-2700 or email us at

Stay safe and calm, we’re all in this together. Mitakuye Oyas’in.

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